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Winkrypto focuses on decrypting the integrated marketing communication of the crypto world and communicates the value for innovation projects. As a Greater China resource integrator, it enjoys deep partnership with technology communities, mainstream media, and financial institutions that have great insights into trends on Blockchain and FinTech.
  • Experience in the media and PR fields for more than 10 years.
  • The solid consulting team formed by blockchain experts.
  • Rich and exclusive connections and resources of the Greater China blockchain industry.

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Exclusive Resources

Exclusive Media sits on extensive reporting resources and data mining capabilities around the world. It aims to provide FinTech elites and decision-makers with indispensable information and in-depth analysis on a daily basis. has a large and faithful community filled with wealthy individuals through WeChat Subscription, website & mobile channels.

Exclusive Community is the most interesting crypto hardcore community media. Whether there are news, articles or navigation tools on the official website, there will be an exclusive comment by RealSatoshi. The in-depth articles are written by practitioners who have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Through similar project comparisons, track analysis, investment logic analysis, etc., the user can understand the project in a simple way. Meanwhile, each in-depth article will be published to a dozen of the platforms synchronously.

Exclusive Event

ChainNews, China’s leading online news outlet dedicated to the blockchain technology industry, and The Blockchainer, a top blockchain consultancy, jointly launched the Proof of VALUE Conference. At the conference, the world’s top blockchain technology pioneers and influencers with China’s leading builders in the blockchain sector will meet in Shanghai, to build China’s blockchain community with the rest of the world.

At the Proof of VALUE, China’s blockchain community can collaborate to build value to lead the next generation of blockchain companies. Let’s create value together!

Exclusive Event

To meet the challenges, Winkrypto steps forward to launch the Global Mining Forum (GMF) - a whole new integrated marketing brand, in coordinating with industry peers.

Global Mining Forum will play as a Peers Partnership to unite mining hashrates as many as possible, take mining community out of its own limited circle, and bring more digital asset users and publish awareness closer to digital mining with a better understanding.



Feng Liu

Co-Founder & CCO of


Jack Lu

Director at NGC Ventures, Economics and Game theory


Jennifer Liu

Funding Partner of D1 Ventures


Herbie Fu

Co-Founder of T3 Labs

Asia Representative of Stanford Cryptic Labs


Xinshu Dong

Co-Founder of RockX

Former Co-Founder & CEO at Zilliqa



Founder of Crypto Tonight


Li Gong

Partner of Youbi Capital

Global Investment Advisor of Hashkey Capital


Haichao Zhu

Cryptocurrency Research

Former Technical Evangelist at Nervos


Philip Fei

Chinese Community Manager at SmartContract


Vivian Liu

Founder of Lucen Blockchain Accelerator

Partner at PreAngel Fund in US


Frank Li

VP of ParallelVC

Yin Cao

Managing Director of Digital Renaissance Foundation


Dee Hu

Co-Founder at T3 Labs

Advisor of LA blockchain Lab

Global Partner at DoraHacks


Charlie Hu

Global Partner at DoraHacks

Blockchain Expert


Bill Young

Co-Founder & COO of

President of Winkrypto


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